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Election Officer Positions


Site Supervisor - $150.00 Stipend

The site supervisor is responsible for the overall operation and supervision of the polling site.

·    MUST have a cell phone available for use on Election Day.

Supervisor-Inspector - $150.00 Stipend

The Supervisor-Inspector is responsible for the overall operation of single or double precinct sites.  They are also responsible for his/her precinct board. 

·    MUST have a cell phone available for use on Election Day.

Inspector - $120.00 Stipend

The Inspector is responsible for his/her precinct board. 

·    MUST ensure that a cell phone is available for precinct board.

Clerks - $110.00 Stipend

Clerks work as assigned by the Site Supervisor, Supervisor-Inspector or Inspector.

ADA Set-up - $40.00 Stipend

ADA Set-up personnel place directional signage and mitigation items to ensure poll site accessibility.















ADA Set-up

During the week prior to the election…



Contacting Inspectors to ensure they are ready and have completed all pre-election work









Contacting Election Officers to ensure they are still going to work










Making arrangements to access the polling site on the day before the election











Coordinating the set up of the polling site the day before the election










Day before the election…



Ensuring the polling site is available no later than 6:00 a.m. Election Day











Setting up polling site






Setting up Touchscreen units







Inventory ADA materials







Election Day…



Supervising and assigning duties to Clerks









Filling vacancies on Election Day








Helping voters find their correct table or site







Working with Inspectors as needed on Election Day








Coordinating work with Site Supervisors










Regular inspection of the polling site - inside and outside









Site reconciliation and certification







End of night packing of BLUE and RED canvas bags









Repack all items remaining at site and place in location for pick up by trucking company









Ensure delivery of packed BLUE and RED canvas bags to the designated collection center (must be accompanied by two Election Officers!)











Setup directional, door and parking signage; small ramps, mats and plates.








Ensure indoor setup provides adequate maneuvering space and access to voting materials.








Monitor ADA site setup and certify correct placement.








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