Information on Candidates & Elected Officials

Current Elected Officials

The list of candidates for each Election is available following the nomination period. The list will be posted after the close of nominations and candidates' qualifications have been determined. For unofficial list of candidates by email during nominations, click on the link below.

Once a candidate has become "qualified," it will be noted after the candidate's name.




Requirements for Candidacy

Candidate qualifications and requirements depend on the type of office. If you are a potential candidate, click on the link below for more information.

Potential Candidates

Candidate Campaign Finance Statements

For Searchable Campaign Statements, click on the link(s) below.

Campaign Statements 06/30/2017 to Present

Campaign Statements Prior to 06/30/2017


Campaign Filer Portal

Observing the Process

The entire process, from the opening of the Vote by Mail ballot envelopes through the completion of canvass activities, is open to the public. (Elections Code sections 15004, 15104). Additionally, to test the accuracy of the counting machines prior to the official certification of election results, each county election official must conduct a public manual count of the ballots cast in one percent of the precincts or a two-part public manual count; the ballots counted are chosen at random by the election official. (Elections Code section 15360) Contact our office by phone for more information on observing the process on election night.

Kern County Elections Division
(661) 868-3590
1-800-452-VOTE (8683)

Calendar of Events


For more information on Resources for Candidates and Campaigns, click on the link below.

Candidate & Campaign Resources

For a fillable version of the Statement of Fact by Public Agency, click on the link below.

Statement of Fact by Public Agency