I’m a First Time Voter. Where do I go to Vote?

Start by going to the right place to vote. Each voter is assigned to a specific poll site where they will cast their vote based on their address. Your assigned poll site is on the voter information guide that is mailed to you.

You can also go online or email us or call us to find out your poll site address or click on the link below.

My Poll Site Lookup

Each poll site has a room or area designated for voting. The location where your poll site is located will be clearly marked with signs. Just follow the signs.

Each polling location has a precinct table where you will check in. You will be guided by the Election Officers as to what to do in order to vote.

What happens when I Vote?

You sign the Roster and are given a ballot and a marking pen. A ballot lists the candidates and measures you will vote on. The ballot is placed in a privacy sleeve. The Elections Officers will give you all the instructions you need to fill out and complete your ballot.

There are exceptions if your name is not on the roster. Sometimes you are directed to another poll site if you are at the wrong site. Sometimes a provisional ballot is called for. For information on Understanding Provisional Voting, click on the link below.

Understanding Provisional Voting

You will go to a private area to vote your choices on the ballot by filling in the circle completely next to your choice for candidates and measures. Your voted ballot goes in the ballot box. You are given an “I voted” sticker.

Your part in the voting process is now complete.