A poll worker is a volunteer who works at a poll site on Election Day. You will help with poll site set up, welcome voters and guide them through the voting process, and assist with the closing of the polls at the end of the night. All volunteers who work at the polls are known as Election Officers.

What are the different Poll Worker positions?

Poll workers work together as a team to help voters at their poll site. Different positions include:

  • Clerk: You will help voters at your precinct table.
  • Inspector: You will be team leader for your precinct table.
  • Supervisor/Inspector: You will be team leader for one or two precincts.
  • Site Supervisor: You will work at a site with a few precincts and will work with other team leaders to make sure the job is getting done. Site Supervisors are experienced poll workers who have worked multiple elections.

For a more complete description of duties, click on the link below.

Poll Worker Job Descriptions

How much does a Poll Worker get paid?

Your payment will depend on the job you do, and whether we have asked you to do any extra tasks, but here are the basics:

  • Clerk: $160
  • Inspector: $200
  • Supervisor/Inspector: $230
  • Site Supervisor: $230

To apply to be a Poll Worker, click on the link below.

Poll Worker Application

What is Adopt-A-Poll?

Do you belong to a business, non-profit, club, or organization that wants to serve the community and raise money? Consider the Adopt-A-Poll program!

Your group/organization would volunteer to work together at the same poll site on Election Day. It is your choice to donate your stipend check to your organization.

For more information about the Adopt-A-Poll program click on the link below.

Adopt a Poll